Guinea Genius

two very handsome male guinea pigs, with a taste for the sweeeeeet corn
and for our rabbit brother!

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You ruined my nap mom!

the derp and the dork wheek

Lap time with mom, and we didn’t even pee!
Kissing mom!
mom and dad finally home! we missed them, and the sweet corn!
when we have peed too much on snackies, we use them as pillows, wheek zzz wheeek
we have gotten snackies, we have gotten snackies, wheek wheek wheek, wheek, wheek, wheeeek.
" A real gift is special, so take of the toptake a look inside…. it’s my pig in a boxit’s in box. it’s my pig in a boxmy pig in a box babe!”
om nom nom! carrots, we like!